April 5-6, 2014
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Valhalla Claims Canadian Bid; Badassilisks Claim Deferred UNSW Bid

Valhalla has claimed a World Cup bid after defeating Guelph Quidditch today, 160*-90. Valhalla claims the bid, Canada’s fifth overall, after it was deferred by one of the six European teams whose bids were offered to other teams last week.

Also, the University of New South Wales has withdrawn from the World Cup. Per the IQA’s bid allocation procedures, their bid goes to the Northeast region, and is offered to the New York Badassilisks, the 14th place finisher at the Northeast Regional Championship in November. Should the Badassilisks defer this bid, it will be offered to the next-highest finishing Northeast team, and so on.

Any further bid that is deferred by a team will be offered in turn to the next-highest finishing teams of that region, and then offered to the Midwest, Eastern Canada, Mid-Atlantic, West, South, and Southwest, before returning to the Northeast.

For an updated list of qualified World Cup teams, please visit this page.